10 relationship RITUALS to increase & deepen connections

All couples and individuals want a genuine relationship where we connect emotionally foremost. However, it gets difficult after monotony sets in. Revive or deepen your relationship by following these rituals and we guarantee you happiness to an extent as long as you follow them all.

Exercise together

It is always said that couples should exercise together as that makes their bond stronger.

Morning coffee

Try to at least have your morning tea or coffee together if breakfast is difficult for those working.

Meditate together

Meditate or do a spiritual practice together. Get your yoga mats and go for it in the morning or evening whenever you can synchronize your time.

Holiday routine

Make sure you have a routine of going on monthly holidays even if for a weekend because these trips play a major role in deepening a connection.


Read atleast one same book in a month so that you can discuss it and have some mindful discussions together.

Date night

Make date night a regular thing between you both. It could be twice a week or twice a month as per your pocket. It could also be a small trip to the chaat waala if nothing else.

New hobbies

Start a new hobby together and make sure you do it because you will indeed cherish this time together.


Do not take each other for granted. Always greet each other in the morning and when you leave for someplace.
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