Beyoncé’s one request skyrockets sales, shoots up demand

Beyoncés one request skyrockets sales, shoots up demand
Beyoncé’s one request skyrockets sales, shoots up demand 

Beyoncé is a global trendsetter. So, when the pop icon told Bey Hive to be in chrome outfits on her smashing hit Renaissance World Tour last dates, which also coincided with her birthday—a frenzy was experienced at the stores selling the requested dress.

Sharing the request on her Instagram Story and website, the thirty-two-time Grammy winner said, “my birthday wish is to celebrate with you wearing your most fabulous silver fashions to the shows 8.23 – 9.22!”


“We’ll surround ourselves in a shimmering human disco ball each night. Everybody mirroring each other’s joy. Virgo season together in the house of Crome,” the message reads.

Following the announcement, Etsy stores registered a sharp rise in sales as many fans flocked to the store to get their outfits.

In a chat with TMZ, the store management was flooded with messages to ship the silver apparel as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, another seller, Sequin Fans, told the gossip outlet that the silver outfit sales shot up to 200%, with overall traffic seeing a whopping 400 percent rise.

Radiancy Designs also revealed the site experienced four-fold more traffic than usual after the Drunk in Love crooner request.

On the other hand, the concertgoers who are slated to attend the show in a couple of days are fretting about being unable to get the silver dress amid high demand.

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