Daniel Radcliffe credits his parents for helping him stay in shape

Daniel Radcliffe’s physique became social media fodder thanks to the finale of his TV show Miracle Workers – in which the Harry Potter star tore off his clothes to reveal a toned body underneath.

The now-viral scene delighted fans, with many predicting he will be cast as Wolverine in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) for its forthcoming X-Men reboot.

Radcliffe has been open about keeping fit in the past – revealing last year that he credits his parents for driving him to stay in such good shape.

“My parents do CrossFit. They’re in their sixties and they’re insanely fit people, so I’ve just got to keep up with [them],” Radcliffe told Entertainment Tonight ahead of the premiere of Weird: The Al Yankovic Story in September 2022. “They’re just setting a crazy bar.”

Radcliffe went on to say that he doesn’t actually work out alongside his parents. “We don’t do CrossFit together. CrossFit is their thing,” he said. “I’m not fit enough, probably, for CrossFit. They are phenoms.”

CrossFit workouts usually include a wide variety of exercises, including biking, running, swimming, jumping, rowing, deadlifting, and squatting. Sometimes, the intensity of the workout can be tailored to individuals.

The franchise was founded in 2001, and it’s marketed as a workout routine that anyone can start, no matter their fitness level. More than five million people around the world practice the workouts, according to CrossFit.

Radcliffe also previously thanked his longtime girlfriend Erin Darke for helping him stay in shape. “Since I started dating her, I put on a little more muscle,” he told E! News in 2016.

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