Dog mauls 11-year-old in Manhattan apartment inflicts puncture wounds

A dog pants on a hot day at the Na Paluchu animal shelter in Warsaw, Poland, July 19, 2023. — Reuters
A dog pants on a hot day at the “Na Paluchu” animal shelter in Warsaw, Poland, July 19, 2023. — Reuters

A minor boy was attacked by his aunt’s pit bull mix dog at a Chinatown apartment in Manhattan according to the local police, and was rushed to the hospital where he underwent skin surgery for severe bites. 

The 11-year-old boy sustained severe injuries to his head, arm and face.

Police said that the boy mauled by the dog needed surgery on his skin after the attack that occurred just before 3pm.

The aunt’s pet pit bull mix dog attacked him and inflicted puncture wounds while his family was inside the apartment in the Smith Houses, according to a local news media report.

Identified as Joshua, was hurriedly transported to the Bellevue Hospital where he underwent surgery to repair tissue damage stemming from the attack. The dog bites were so acute that he was forced skin grafts by the medical experts to help treat them.

According to the neighbours, the boy and his brother had recently moved in with his aunt. The NYPD Emergency Services Unit had to be called in order to safely remove the dog from the home.

The dog was put in a crate and taken to Animal Care Centers in NYC.

The attack comes around a week after a minor boy was attacked by a bear near Hickory Kingdom Road in Westchester County and injured as officials later killed the animal.

The 7-year-old was transported to the hospital where his condition remains unknown.

According to the local media reports, there had been a “pediatric bear attack with lacerations,” as a warning read: “Bear reportedly still in the area, use caution … scene not secure.”

ABC7 reported citing sources that police killed the bear near North Castle.

Authorities have started an investigation into the fierce bear incident after the child was attacked on the property.

Officials stated that when they arrived, the bear continued to present a danger to first responders and area residents and it was euthanized by officers on the scene.

The bear was taken into the possession of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and taken to the Westchester County Department of Health for testing for rabies.

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