Host Pakistan’s name a no-show

Pakistan on Monday introduced their fresh jerseys for upcoming events such as the Asia Cup and the subsequent ICC ODI World Cup.

Pictures showcasing players donning their respective team jerseys designed for the Asia Cup were circulated across social media platforms.

An intriguing detail was noted in these images—namely, the absence of the host country’s name beneath the Asia Cup logo.

This occurrence draws a notable contrast to the previous year’s situation, where even though the Asia Cup took place in the UAE, it was Sri Lanka who held the role of original hosts. In that edition, the jerseys of all participating teams featured the mention of Sri Lanka beneath the emblem of the Asia Cup.

Pakistan initially stood as the exclusive host for the forthcoming Asia Cup. However, this arrangement took a turn when India refused to travel to Pakistan. As a result, a resolution was reached that involved Sri Lanka co-hosting the competition alongside Pakistan.

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