Jessica Simpson faces backlash for letting daughter, 11, wear corset and makeup

Jessica Simpson has ,in the past, opened up about being sexualized during her teenage years
Jessica Simpson has ,in the past, opened up about being sexualized during her teenage years 

Jessica Simpson’s recent Instagram photos featuring her 11-year-old daughter Maxwell Johnson wearing a cropped corset-style top have sparked shock among her fans.

The photos, shared on August 26, show a mother-daughter duo wearing coordinated outfits. In the pictures, Jessica is seen wearing a pink minidress with a push-up top while carrying a pink purse.

Her daughter, Maxwell, can be seen wearing a belly-baring denim crop top and a matching denim skirt with a high slit in the middle. Maxwell also appears to be wearing makeup.

The choice of outfit for Maxwell, particularly the cropped corset-style top and makeup, has led to discussions among fans and the public about age-appropriateness and parenting choices.

Some fans have expressed shock and concern over the attire and makeup for an 11-year-old, while others may view it as a matter of personal choice and self-expression.

One fan wrote, “Isn’t she like 11 or something?? Stop sexualizing your little girl,” as another added, “Why in the hell would you let your child dress like that is beyond me!!!”

“Why is your 11-year-old wearing a corset?” one user asked while another commented, “And my 11-year-old is over here still looking like an American Girl doll! I prefer to keep her little but to each their own!”

Others reminded Jessica of how she has shared in the past that she was sexualized and judged for her body when she was very young.

“Who lets their 11 year old child out of the house dressed like that?? Too busy trying to be her minor daughter’s best friend instead of being a responsible parent. After years of denouncing how she was oversexualized as a young adult and the scrutiny she faced, she’s now making sure her daughter will have the same experience, instead of protecting her from it. Shameful and incredibly sad. Poor Maxwell,” one user wrote.

Jessica prevously opened up on being scrutinized over her body during her teens during a 2021 interview with Drew Barrymore on her daytime talk show.

“I was even judged in the church growing up. I had to wear like, blazers, vests, turtlenecks because if I just wore a regular shirt like the rest of the girls … I mean, when I would sing, I would feel the Holy Spirit and get chill bumps and apparently, people would lust and so I had to cover it all up,” she explained.

Jessica also opened up on how she was treated after she entered the showbusiness. “I’ve literally been judged for my body since I was a kid, judged in the church and then after the church, it was like, ‘No, be sexier,’” she continued, adding, “But then it was like, ‘Oh, but you always have to look that way if you do it once. You have to remain in that body forever and that is what you should be.'”

Another user wrote, “Why are you letting your 11-year-old child dress like a 20-year-old? They grow up fast enough — let her be a CHILD. Or have you already forgotten what being pushed into adulthood and sexiness can do to a young girl??”

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