Kanye West faces lawsuit over poor working conditions, dangerous demands from staff

Kanye West faces lawsuit over poor working conditions, dangerous demands from staff 

Kanye West has landed himself in another controversy just after an indecent exposure scandal during his Italy getaway with his wife, Bianca Censori. 

The rapper is facing a lawsuit for not providing adequate facilities to his staff and making them sleep in makeshift conditions in his under-construction Malibu house.

According to The Mirror, the documents obtained by the publication reveal that his employee was not given access to a proper sleeping environment as he was forced to sleep in makeshift conditions with no access to a bed, and the employee was using his coat as bedding in empty spaces on the ground near open insulation.

The plaintiff against Kanye, Tony Saxon, claims that he started working for Kanye’s Security in September 2021 and was also being utilized for construction-related work.

The photos obtained by the Mirror showed the workers sleeping in the worst conditions without access to a bed, blanket, or pillow.

In addition to the poor work conditions complaint, the plaintiff has also accused Kanye of retaliation for refusing to comply with dangerous demands.

Tony adds that while he was working on renovating a home Kanye bought, he alleges that the rapper wanted electricity and windows removed. The order posing extreme danger was not fulfilled, and subsequently, Tony was told to “get the hell out”.

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