Kanye West ‘lewd behaviour’ leads Italians to call for his arrest: ‘Zero class or respect’

Kanye West has stirred another controversy due to his “lewd behaviour” as Italians call for his arrest after he shockingly exposed his rear in public.

The controversial rapper, who now goes by Ye, is currently in Venice with his wife Bianca Censori, sparked reactions with his outrageous display.

While cosying up to each other on a river taxi, West displayed his buttocks in front of tourists, leading many to protest against his “public indecency.”

Sharing that the charge for such obscenity comes with a fine of up to €309 (AU$520), as per the Italian Constitutional Court, critics urged authorities to take strict action against West and Censori.

“How are these two not arrested for lewd behaviour?” one user asked on X (formerly Twitter) while another stated, “Public indecency! Keep it for the privacy of your own home.”

One user complained, “What is the matter with them? Maybe time the police stepped in [sic],” while one wrote, “Why won’t the Italian government police or someone stop them?”

“Italian authorities need to arrest them for indecency doing that lewd and disgusting behaviour in public. There are clearly crowds, kids probably saw,” another said.

Others opined that such outrageous behaviour paints all Americans in bad light, as one penned, “This kind of dumb stunt is what helps paint all Americans as having zero class or respect.”

A critic shared, “I wish the police would arrest these two for their ignorant behaviour. They are making a mockery of the country.”

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