Kate Middleton told to fly ‘solo’, she takes ‘focus’ from Prince William

Kate Middleton is advised to do more of solo engagements in order to maintain her popularity.

The Princess of wales is told her career is destined to fly more as she can talk about the issues that are close to her heart.

Robert Jobson tells Express.co.UK :” Last week alone she carried out several solo engagements in the UK.

“She will focus more and more on her role as a ‘children’s champion’ and her early years projects,” she added.

“So often when he is accompanied by his wife the press focus on her and not on the issues he wants to raise,”

Quoting a source, Mr Jobson added how William’s coverage gets really affected when he makes joint visits with Kate.

The source said: “It can be all about what the princess wears as far as the media is concerned, which means some of the big issues get ignored,” they said.

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