Prince Harry thinks Meghan fueling rumours about marriage troubles: report

Meghan Markle has left Prince Harry “hurt and confused” by ditching her engagement ring during her recently public appearance, reported on Monday.

Citing unnamed sources, the publication reported that the Duchess of Sussex removed the ring to get it repaired.

Although her wedding band was still in place, going out without her engagement ring has left her husband worried.

The sources said that  Harry is reportedly “confused” as to why the engagement ring hasn’t been temporarily replaced.

“All Meghan is doing by going out without her engagement ring is fuelling the rumours that she and Harry are having marriage troubles which Harry is absolutely baffled by,” Mirror quoted the sources as saying”

It said, “He’s been feeling anxious that she’s trying to send some kind of message to him.”

Referring to a report in Closer magaziner, Mirror wrote, “She’s saying it’s simple a case of waiting for her engagement ring to be repaired because it’s in with the jewellers, which is true, but Harry doesn’t understand why she won’t wear something else from 

Meanwhile, multiple reports said Meghan  plans to arrive in Germany solo while the Duke is expected to visit the UK before attending Invictus Games.

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