Prince Harry to stay ‘as far away as possible’ from King Charles’ 75th birthday

Prince Harry is allegedly planning to stay as far away as possible during the monarch’s birthday bash

Prince Harry is allegedly planning on staying as far away as possible form King Charles, despite being open to a call.

Insights into this plan have been brought to light by the BBC.

All of it has been referenced by a well-placed source who claims the Duke of Sussex is willing to reach out to his father on this day.

This comes a few days after it was reported that Prince Harry was never given an invitation from Clarance House, as previously reported.

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At the time pals of Prince Harry also stepped forward and said, “The story is being positioned in a way to make it look like the Duke is snubbing his father, which he is not.”

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“Considering the trip (to Kenya) didn’t go well, this might be a welcome distraction.’ It came despite the trip being considered a diplomatic success for both Britain and Kenya.”

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