Rebel Wilson takes control, conquering ‘bugxiety’ with Zevo

Rebel Wilson takes control, conquering bugxiety with Zevo
Rebel Wilson takes control, conquering ‘bugxiety’ with Zevo

Rebel Wilson has found relief from her insect-related anxieties thanks to her participation in a new promotional campaign.

The 43-year-old Australian actress recently took part in an unconventional advertisement for Zevo’s insect traps, demonstrating her newfound inner peace. In the video, Rebel can be seen wearing an all-pink activewear outfit while seated on a yoga mat, appearing to be in her own living space.

Opening up about her past struggles, Rebel shared, “I used to be on the edge whenever I saw a bug in my house. You see, I suffered from bugxiety.”

The commercial proceeds with the Pitch Perfect star showcasing the removal of a bug trap from the device, revealing it to be full of deceased insects. She goes on to express how her concerns have dissipated since she began using the product, stating that “bugs don’t bug me anymore.”

However, even though her insect-related worries have been alleviated, Rebel Wilson still faces a few other annoyances. She humorously adds, “Hot tubs that are only lukewarm, that still bugs me.”

Additionally, she touches upon the ongoing task of explaining “what a dingo is”, likely referencing her status as a permanent resident in the United States, where she spends a majority of her time.

The versatile actress, originally from Sydney, is currently residing in Australia with her fiancée, Ramona Agruma, and their baby daughter, Royce.

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