Sam Asghari ‘never loved’ Britney Spears?

Sam Asghari ‘never loved’ Britney Spears?

Sam Asghari and Britney Spears were turned from an item to bitter exes as disturbing reports have emerged every passing day since their split.

Now, an insider close to the pair stepped forward with salacious insights that, “Sam has put up with a lot — her erratic behavior pushed him to the brink — but Britney now thinks that he was always using her, that she was his meal ticket and that Sam never truly loved her.”

Tired of getting controlled, especially after conservatorship freedom in 2021, Spears grew suspicious of her better half employing the same tactics.

“Sam knew how to protect Britney; he definitely made her feel safe, then it just switched,” as claims of this nature issued in OK! Magazine. “When she was finally free of her dad, she started acting out and questioning recent argument over alleged infidelity.”

The pair, who met at the popstar’s 2016 Slumber Party music video and married six years later, have faced tensions since then.

“Britney would switch from hot to cold. One minute she loves and adores Sam, and the next he’s the enemy,” the tipster explained the Grammy winner’s mood swings.

“She’s accused Sam of everything — spying on her, cheating, talking to her family behind her back. The end of the conservatorship had a lot to do with it.”

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