Sia opens up about her ‘Severe Depression’ post-divorce

Sia opens up about her Severe Depression post-divorce
Sia opens up about her ‘Severe Depression’ post-divorce

Sia, the 47-year-old Australian singer, has drawn inspiration from her most challenging moments to fuel her creative process.

During a recent conversation with Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1, Sia opened up about a period of profound depression she experienced after divorcing Erik Anders Lang, her husband of two years. 

She disclosed that she had sporadically been composing songs over the past six to seven years, but her divorce had a profound impact on her creative journey.

“Well, actually, the truth is that I had just been every now and again writing a song here or there for the last six, seven years,” the songwriter shared while discussing her upcoming album, “Reasonable Woman.”

“I got divorced and that really threw me for a loop. That was such a dark time that I was in bed for three years, really, really severely depressed. And so I couldn’t really do anything for that period of time,” she added.

“Reasonable Woman” will mark Sia’s first album release since “This Is Acting” in 2016. Although the album is slated for a spring 2024 release, the singer surprised fans by dropping a single from the album titled “Gimme Love” on a recent Wednesday.

Sia elaborated on her journey to begin recording new music, describing how she initially started by capturing “small snippets here and there.” She revealed, “And then, finally, it just turned out we had enough songs to make an album, enough good ones. So I just rely on my management to tell me when we’ve got enough good ones because I don’t really… I can tell when I think one is particularly good, I think I can tell, but they tell me when we’ve got 11 or 12 or 13 enough good ones, real good ones.”

Sia also shared insights into how she manages to maintain confidence during her performances. She explained that her iconic blonde wig acts as a protective “bubble” that helps her feel comfortable and secure on stage.

On the other hand, despite maintaining a relatively private stance on her romantic life after her divorce, Sia surprised many by tying the knot with her boyfriend, Dan Bernad, in a low-key ceremony in Portofino, Italy, in May.

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