‘The Marvels’ producer reacts to major end-credit scene

The Marvels producer reacts to major end-credit scene
‘The Marvels’ producer reacts to major end-credit scene

In the end-credits of The Marvels, the whole MCU was shaken up by the entry of mutants. The film’s executive producer, Mary Livanos, opened up about surprising X-Men introduction in the Avengers universe.

In a chat with Entertainment Weekly, the producer said, “The notion that Monica ends up in an alternate universe with the hope that it could tie in with the X-Men was something I always had on my to-do list.”

Noting, “I love how, in the comics, Carol Danvers as Binary spends some time with the X-Men in space, and I love the idea that in an alternate universe, it was Maria who beat Carol Danvers to the hangar back during the events of Captain Marvel, so she won and got those powers.”

She continued, “That was something that was always really intriguing. Again, in Kelly Sue DeConnick’s run of Captain Marvel, there’s an incredible storyline where Carol essentially time travels and gives herself powers in the past, rather than the male Captain Marvel.”

Adding, “That was always a really mind-bending, beautiful storyline that we wanted to bring to life in some way. So, we tried to capture that spirit with this, and of course, it hearkens back to their conversation on the porch when Carol goes to visit Maria.”

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