Tickets for Pakistan-India match in Asia Cup sold out in minutes

The Pakistan Cricket Board has announced the sale of tickets for the expected Pakistan-India match, including the final match, scheduled for September 10th in the Asia Cup.

If Pakistan and India remain at the top in Group A, they will face each other, which is a highly anticipated matchup. The tickets for the match on September 10, between the top two teams in Group A, have been priced at a minimum of 14,500 Pakistani rupees.

The most expensive tickets are for the Grand Stand, priced at 58,000 Pakistani rupees. The tickets for the second possible match between Pakistan and India in the Asia Cup were sold out within minutes.

The cheapest ticket for the final match is priced at 14,500 Pakistani rupees, while the most expensive ticket costs six hundred dollars.

The final of the Asia Cup will be played on September 17 in Colombo. Tickets are available on the website.

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