Travis Kelce fears Swifties’ if he cheats’ Taylor Swift?

Loyal fans of Taylor Swift called the Swifties, could make Travis Kelce’s life difficult if he ever cheated on the megastar, as per one expert

Travis Kelce fears Swifties if he cheats Taylor Swift?
Travis Kelce fears Swifties’ if he cheats’ Taylor Swift?

A kiss that broke the internet. Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s lip-lock sent the fans into hysteria and prompted the experts to scrutinize the emotions of the megastar. However, one expert sounded the alarm for the athlete star if he ever double-crossed the global pop icon.

At the recent Buenos Aires concert, the Grammy winner was seen giddily running toward the NFL’s tight end to plant a kiss on him.

Weighing on the PDA, Judi James, a body language expert, told, “Most guys going into a new relationship will get the “treat her right, or you’ll have me to answer to” lecture from a girl’s dad, but Travis must know he’s also got that formidable army of Swifties to answer to, too, if he cools or cheats.”

Explaining how the Chiefs athlete was overwhelmed by the flood of love, she shared, “The interest in this relationship has now reached a point of hysteria, and Kelce found himself being love-bombed on this night, not just from Taylor but from her besotted-looking dad Scott and the loyal and very protective army of Swifties.”

Sharing thoughts on the body language, Judi added, “The body language and the choreography of this kiss made it look like the climax of a movie like The Bodyguard, with Taylor sprinting off stage to throw herself into the arms of her man while the fans and the audience go wild with approval.”

She continued, “There seemed to be no doubt that this was Taylor’s open declaration of love for Kelce, but the football star didn’t quite seem to have got the memo when it came to sweeping her up in his arms a la Kevin Costner and carrying her off into the Green Room.”

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