Umar Akmal gets teary-eyed after recalling difficult time during ban

Pakistan cricketer Umar Akmal gets emotional during an interview. — Screengrab/Youtube/@HadKarDi
Pakistan cricketer Umar Akmal gets emotional during an interview. — Screengrab/Youtube/@HadKarDi

Pakistan cricketer Umar Akmal recalled the tough time he faced when the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) banned him over breaching its anti-corruption code, becoming emotional and teary-eyed.

“No one, not even my enemies, should have to face that the time that I did. Allah tests a person by giving or taking something,” said Akmal while speaking during an interview.

“However, when I was going through a bad phase, a lot of people revealed their true colours and left my side. But I am thankful to those who still stand beside me,” he said.

Speaking about the challenges he faced, Akmal said that there was a time when he did not have money to feed his daughter a burger or even pay for her school fees.

“I could not send my daughter to school for eight months and my wife did not let me down during these tough days,” he recalled, saying that he gets tears in his eyes whenever he thinks about those days.

Appreciating his wife, Akmal said that he could not thank her enough for supporting him. “My wife was born with a golden spoon but she told me that she will always be supportive of me no matter how bad the situation gets and I am thankful to her for that,” he added.

The 33-year-old cricketer — who last featured in an international match in 2019 — said that he was trying to make a comeback and will play for Pakistan once again with his hard work.

Akmal was suspended by the PCB in 2020 for violating the anti-corruption rules. He was banned for three years, however, he filed an appeal to the International Court of Arbitration after which his sentence was reduced to 12 months. 

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