Virat Kohli wary of Pakistan’s bowling attack ahead of Asia Cup clash

Indian batting superstar, Virat Kohli, opened up about India’s Asia Cup clash against Pakistan on Saturday in Kandy.

While speaking to Star Sports, Kohli highlighted the formidable strength of Pakistan’s bowling attack. He stressed that facing such a formidable bowling attack requires nothing less than a player’s absolute peak performance.

 “I feel bowling is their strength. And they’ve got some really impactful bowlers that can change the course of the game anytime based on their skill set. So, you have to be at your absolute best to face them,” Kohli told Star Sports.

Reflecting on his recent batting approach, Kohli shared insights into his continuous pursuit of enhancing his game.

“I only try to understand how I can better my game. Every day, every practice session, every year, every season, this is what has helped me play this well for so long and to perform for my team.”

“I don’t think you can perform consistently without that mindset because if your performance is your only goal, then you can be satisfied and stop working hard. There is no limit to it,” he said.

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