Woman’s date ghosts her while on a trip together

A woman posted a dating horror story to TikTok about the time she went on vacation with her boyfriend but he ghosted her mid-trip.

In a video posted on Sunday, TikTok user Chandler (@chanzandchill) claimed that a man she referred to as Michael flew her out to Miami for their second date and then ghosted her. At the time, he had told her that he had plans to see his sister, who he apparently hadn’t seen for two years, and promised that he would be “back at noon.” Things took a turn after Chandler messaged him at 1.10pm., reminding him that they had plans, and he didn’t respond for a while.

Chandler said she grew “frustrated” and decided to message him: “This is so disrespectful to me and my time…” He finally responded, apologizing for being “non-responsive” and told Chandler that he had just found out about some “devastating news.” Although Chandler described herself as empathetic and trusting, she sensed something was wrong. After having pushed back the reservation multiple times and not hearing back from him, Chandler was idly waiting in her hotel room until housekeeping arrived at 3.30pm.

Afterward, she took a nap, and when she woke up, she realized that none of his stuff was in the bathroom. Immediately, Chandler deduced that he must have grabbed his things while she was asleep or earlier. “I was, like, did he come get his stuff while I was taking a nap? Like that is so disrespectful,” Chandler said. Michael left another smoking gun: a wet washcloth in the shower. This realization led her to believe that not only did he pack up his stuff without saying goodbye, but he also showered.

Many in the comment section encouraged Chandler to enact some form of revenge. “RUN UPPPP THAT ROOM SERVICE!!!!” one wrote, while another shared: “Girl forget him! run up his tab and meet someone else! his loss.”

“The way I would be buying drinks for everyone at the pool,” a third commented. Others remarked that Chandler should have known that Michael flying her out for their second date was a giant red flag. Another woman said, “Vacation together on your 2nd date??? Girl…”

Someone else advised, “Going on a vacation with him on 2nd date? Don’t do that anymore. Lots of psychos out there.”

A lot of people also shared their theories on what may have happened as well, one person said: “He went home to save his marriage.”

“He is definitely married, his wife told him to come home,” someone else commented. Another remarked, “The devastating news is that his wife found out.”

Since posting the video on Sunday, Chandler’s TikTok video has gone viral, receiving more than 3 million views. On Tuesday, she ended up posting a follow-up video on the situation, providing viewers with more insight. In one screenshot, Chandler tried to comfort him by saying “everything is gonna be ok.” The last message she received from Michael was a short reply, “I’ll be fine.”

Chandler asked viewers if she should reach out again, to which the vast majority replied that they were vehemently against the idea.

“Girl no answer IS AN ANSWER,” one person wrote. “Why in the world would you reach out,” seconded another. A third chimed in, “Leave that man alone and enjoy the free vacay.”

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