YouTube removed 1.9 million videos in Jan-Mar 2023 in India for community norm violation

NEW DELHI: Over 1.9 million videos were removed between January and March 2023 in India for violating YouTube’s community guidelines, marking the highest removals among nations, according to a report released by the popular video streaming platform.
During the same period, globally, YouTube removed over 6.48 million videos for violating community guidelines.
The Community Guidelines Enforcement report provides global data on the flags YouTube receives and how YouTube enforces policies.
Between January and March 2023, in India, over 1.9 million videos were removed for violating YouTube‘s Community Guidelines. In comparison, in the US, 6,54,968 videos were removed, Russia (4,91,933), and Brazil (4,49,759).
“Since the earliest days as a company, our Community Guidelines have protected the YouTube community from harmful content. We enforce our policies using a combination of machine learning and human reviewers,” YouTube said.

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